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Ole Star - Funding For Actors

A new way to support the entertainment industry.

Providing funding for Agents and Artists, working with fans to grow the community. 

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Ole-stars a new entertainment platform created for agencies, artists & fans to promote entertainers and generate fan support across all entertainment genres, 

An Asian decentralized platform where the full control and security lies in the hands of our partners, and our community.


Ole-stars rewards agencies in a number of ways, first we rank artist based on popularity on the platform and provide cash support to successful artists, we also enable fans to support agencies and their projects directly, and actively endeavor to bring new promotional companies and advertising opportunities to the platform. 


Funding For Singers
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At its core, OLE-STARS platform is a marketplace for agents to share talent across regions and receive feedback directly from the community. 

Providing funding directly to an agency and listening to the consumers directly, so reducing risk and saving valuable time, by engaging with the community at a new level consumers become incentive to follow an artist trek to the very top of the industry.




  • Agencies & Artists will gain direct access to consumer support through funding and direct interaction with consumers, leading to greater exposure and wider recognition among the community.

  • Improved visibility to the consumer's habits, knowing where their content is being consumed and where they're generating the most enthusiasm and fan interest.

  • Artist can gain valuable insight into the demographics of fans, knowing where and when content is consumed is very valuable, understanding where generated revenue comes from.​

  • The consumer will enjoy increased access and interaction with the artist, where fans have the ability to directly influence the direction of the music they love.​



We focus on engaging with professional talent agencies across Asia, our mission is to deliver agencies access to funds to help promote and create outstanding talent. Creating a new platform where agencies can test out new talent and compete for the opportunity to grow their fan base and grasp the big opportunities that come from user engagement.

We embrace the agency model and work directly to reward agencies and help grow their followers, allowing for additional sales channels and enhanced engagement with fans.

We support multiple entertainment channels, including music, movie, TV, acting, writers, games, manga & anime, dance, cosplay, artist of all type, in this way we can forge new connections across different genres.  
Advantages for agencies joining Ole-stars include but are not limited to, access to a large community of users, access to online salons / personalized rooms to promote their talent. Integration of existing content management systems, offering new and exciting opportunities to interact with fans, advertising, live events, and fan club integration.



Commercial and community actions, synchronization rights, commercials, movies, trailers & video games, etc.


Content sold via the platforms mobile networks, including music sales, live/concert tickets, premium goods, other content


Tie ups, advertising, social media, alliance promotion companies